Dear Affiliate Managers and Potential Partners

We receive several emails weekly with proposals for cooperation, therefore we decided to provide you a general feedback inside this article.

affiliatesWe fully understand your effort to increase your clients’ base and eventually income, we also understand you are approaching us with ‘best partnership conditions’, however, due to a large number of brokerages and other service providers in the industry all over the world we are not able to establish an affiliate partnership connection with everyone of you. Besides, we strongly believe that success of any partnership depends on how much effort (time and money) each partner invests into cooperation.

Therefore our approach for partnership is very straightforward and simple – YES, we can partner with you, under the following conditions:

  1. We require you to provide us a unique presentation (please read the topic about how to write a guest post).
  2. Presentation can include images, video, even one or two banners, which will be placed inside an article, most commonly at the end (we decide the placement).
  3. Presentation will also include an affiliate link (which will be setup after signing affiliate/partnership agreement) to open a trial or real trading account.
  4. For additional exposure on you can buy advertising space under regular conditions.
  5. A setup fee $120 has to paid in front via PayPal account.

Any updates of presentation in upcoming years are welcome, but requires some work to be done. Please be aware, we do have to cover the costs of such updates. We will keep the maintenance price at minimum, which is $20 per hour.

In case you are fine with above conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us for potential partnership.