Doing away with a Few Mistakes of Commodity Trading

commodity-tradingCommodity trading is a lucrative option but only for those who are prudent enough to trade sagaciously. The chances of incurring losses are as big as making profits. There is no magic recipe for success in commodities. However, you can still minimize chances of losses by doing away with the common mistakes committed by traders while trading commodities. Listed below are a few things that you should not do while you are trying to trade commodities.

Trading commodities: Learning about a few mistakes and avoiding the same

Forex is a highly volatile market. There is very little which is in our control. We cannot dictate the way in which the market behaves but can definitely tweak our strategies in accordance with our analysis of the possible market movements. And, how exactly do we hone our analytic skills? By taking help of the right indicators. So, our discourse positively starts with the need for the right indicators. Here are further details.

Not identifying the right indicators: How it can cost you bad

There is possibly a great many number of traders (of diverse experiences) committing the mistake of choosing indicators that follow price movements but don’t predict future movements. However, these indicators are increasingly used for predicting future movements – a costly mistake – no doubt. When you are looking at the chart these indicators are matching up great but they are actually lagging in real time. As such, trading with these indicators is more likely to result in losses. So the key is to pick indicators that will help you predict the market and not just follow the previous market movements.

Don’t overtrade

The high leverage works as an infallible temptation for traders – especially for beginners to overtrade. However, the key to success in commodity trading is to realize the importance of trading right. Unless and until you are not controlling temptation to overtrade, you might lose out on significant profits in commissions only. Please remember that you can never unlock true trading potential by trading indiscriminately.

Don’t trade without a plan

Taking off from where we left- let’s tell you that a trader should never commit the mistake of trading without a solid plan. This is perhaps one of potent ways in which you can minimize risks of trading in a highly volatile currency market.

Never commit the mistake of trading uncapitalized

Don’t open a trading account if you don’t have sufficient money- which is to say if you don’t have enough money to lose. Risk tolerance differs from trader to trader. However, no trader should put the money- which he cannot afford to lose- at risk. Don’t be overconfident – thinking that most of your moves will only lead to profits- that the money invested by you will only multiply. Things can be quite different as well. Big losses can actually result in major psychology shifts that in turn, have long term impact on your trading fortunes.

Last but not the least- don’t forget that learning about the common fallacious practices is also part of your education as a commodity trader.


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