Fidelity Investments Review, Ratings, Pros and Cons

Fidelity Investments review. All about Fidelity Investments, an online trading brokerage of choice with ETFs, mutual funds, IRAs, and more.

Fidelity Investments ReviewFidelity Investments is a financial services corporation which has been founded by Edward Johnson II in 1946. The company has over 40,000 employees working together to provide excellent financial services to their clients. The company caters mainly to clients in the U.S. but have extended its’ services to other countries such as Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Aside from becoming a multinational corporation, Fidelity Investments has also been recently awarded as the 2011 In-House Agency for the year because of the company’s excellent performance.

Markets Covered

Fidelity offers investment services like Stock Trading, Options, Fixed Income and Bonds, Exchange-Traded Funds(ETFs), Mutual Funds, Cash Management, College Savings Plans, Annuities, Insurance and Retirement Plans. The main currency being used for trading is the U.S. Dollar.

Accounts and Conditions

The type of accounts available for selection are Saving for Retirement, Investing and Trading, Managed Accounts, Saving for education, Charitable Giving and Estate Planning and Annuities and Term Life Insurance.

Saving for Retirement allows clients to choose from several types of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). This account type usually caters to individuals who want to invest in a retirement fund. These accounts usually have no maintenance fee and the earnings accrued won’t be taxed until they are drawn out. The minimum investment for this account type is $2,500.

Investing and Trading accounts are designed for active businessmen who wish to invest in stocks, bonds, ETFs and other types of investments offered by Fidelity. These types of accounts are packaged with research tools that will make life easier in terms of investments for account holders. The minimum investment for this account type is $2,500.

Managed Account gives clients the option to let Fidelity Investments manage their money. This account type is designed for investors who want income but are either too busy to decide or have no idea where can they can invest their money on and just chose to leave it to the experts.

Saving for Education are for clients who want to save funds so that they can send their children to the accredited educational institutions of their choice. Taxes for these type of plans are usually deferred and are even exempt for qualified higher education expenses. Minimum investement for this account type is $15 to $50. Owners and beneficiaries have to be indicated.

Charitable Giving and Estate Planning accounts makes it easier for clients to give out money to their favorite charitable institutions while enjoying benefits in the form of reduced taxes. These type of accounts also give the clients an option to invest in behalf of an estate or a trust. The clients will be equipped with tools that will help them manage these funds.

Opening an account

Starting an account is fairly easy. Clients have two options which are registering online or downloading an application form. To register online, clients will just need to follow on screen and instructions and will be required to enter personal information such as full name, social security number and email address. If the client chose to download an application form, a mailing address will be provided so that they can mail in the form.

Money Handling

Fidelity Investments gives clients several options to manage their money by offering feautures like ATM/Debit Cards, Cash Manager, Fidelity Mobile, Fidelity BillPay, Checkwriting, Automatic investments, Automatic withdrawals, Direct Deposits, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). These features will allow clients to easily deposit, withdraw or transfer their money.

Trading Platforms

Fidelity Investments uses the Active Trader Platforms which makes trading as easy as pie for clients. This trading platform offers a variety of features including streaming market data, advance trading, Portfolio management tools and direct and intelligent order routing. These features can help newbies in the trading game become like pros in a matter of a few clicks. The Active Traders Platforms can be accessed through 2 channels namely Desktop and Web. The desktop version has slightly more features than the web version but it takes up 200 megabytes of storage on a personal computer. Fidelity also has Mobile Trading which gives clients the option to trade using their Apple or Android phones.

Tools and Research

Fidelity offers its’ clients a number of helpful research tools that will aid them in selecting the best investments. These research tools cover financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, options , ETFs and other opportunities in which clients might be interested in. Fidelity’s research tools use historical and current data on a given financial instrument to help clients make a right choice on which one to invest on. This can even include the usage of advanced methods like Technical Analysis in the form of charts to give the clients a clearer view about the current market situation and be able to identify the latest market trends.


The company educates its’ clients through the comprehensive information found on their website and through seminars that will teach newbies about effective trading strategies. The website also offers a certain self-help option that enables clients to find out about seminars that will be held in their respective area.


Clients will seldom be at a lost because Fidelity is very helpful. The company website offers a variety of options for client to reach dedicated support means by means of Instant Messaging, E-mails, and phone numbers. These support functions also includes self help options that assist clients locate an Investment Center and attend educational seminars.

Pros and Cons – Fidelity Investments Review

Fidelity Investments is one of the biggest brokerage firms today and it offers a wide variety of services to its’ clients. The biggest asset of company are its’ very informative tools and outstanding support teams. Another advantage is that the company has already been able to expand its’ borders throughout several other continents in the world. The biggest advantage, on the other hand, is the expensive price of some of the services being offered which is justifiable because the company can make up for it with the quality of service being provided.

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  1. Ralph Cooper December 7, 2012 at 12:36 am #

    I came to know about Fidelity from my cousins and I am thankful to them ever since as this the best of all the online brokerages I’ve used so far. Having an access to wide range of investment options can never go wrong as their enhanced tool carry out their tasks quite efficiently. My journey with Fidelity began about six months ago and I have obtained some superb results.

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