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Transparency Directive

How Has the Transparency Directive Affected Investors From EU Market?

About the Transparency Directive, which establishes minimum requirements for periodic reporting of information about publicly traded companies across EU. What is the Transparency Directive? The Transparency Directive officially came into force in January 2005, but only took effect in the UK in 2007. It was set up to establish minimum requirements for the periodic reporting […]

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Macedonian Stock Market

Macedonian Stock Market and List of Skopje Stock Exchange Members

Macedonian stock market trading runs on stock exchange in Skopje through number of brokerages and banks, and offers some attractive investing opportunities. Macedonia stock exchange (MSE) was established in 1995 by 13 banks, 3 insurance companies and 3 saving houses. Founders were also the first members authorized to execute trades with securities on MSE. Total […]

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Bosnia Herzegovina Stock Market

Bosnia and Herzegovina Stock Market and List of SASE, BLSE Members

Bosnia Herzegovina stock market with Sarajevo and Banja Luka Stock Exchange provides some undervalued investment opportunities. Find a broker to trade with. As you are probably aware of, Bosnia and Herzegovina is composed of two entities roughly equal in size: the Bosniak/Bosnian Croat Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Bosnian Serb-led Republika Srpska (RS). […]

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Croatia Stock Market

Croatia Stock Market and List of Zagreb Stock Exchange Members

Croatia stock market with Zagreb Stock Exchange provides some great investment opportunities. Check available brokers to execute your trades. Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE) is the main institution of Croatian financial market. If taking into consideration only the newest history, ZSE was established in 1991 by 25 banks and two insurance companies. Since then ZSE has […]

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Financial Regulatory Authorities

Financial Regulatory Authorities and Supervisory Agencies by Countries

On this page can find a list of global financial regulatory authorities and supervisory agencies by countries, which are regulating the securities markets. Financial industry is among highest regulated industries in the world. When we speak about regulating trading and investing business, it is all about supervision of stock exchanges, companies listed, brokerages, banks and […]

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