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Top 5 Tips to Become Successful as a Forex Trader

Trading in the foreign exchange market has caused many undisciplined and inexperienced traders huge losses over the years. If you don’t want to be one of them, here are some effective and useful forex trading tips following which you can avoid financial disasters and maximize your profit in forex market. 1. Know your needs and […]

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Top Penny Stocks to Watch

Greed has no limits! Do penny stocks offer huge earnings potential? Sure they do, but there is a lot of risk involved as well. Before creating a list of top penny stocks to watch every trader must understand how penny stocks market actually works. First, let’s define penny stocks. Some call it under $10 stocks, […]

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Top Stocks Today With Highers Earnings Potential

If you prefer trading (short-term, holding position for a few minutes, days, weeks or months) over investing (long-term, holding positions for years), especially for day traders, volatility is something traders are looking for. The higher the volatility, greater chance for earnings. Building a list of top stocks today can be done in a few simple […]

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